About us

Grunewald Glass Works

We are a small Idaho based buisness that handcrafts our products in Nampa, Idaho.

We strive to make unique and beautiful art work, jewelry and accessories. Because each piece is hand made no two are exactly alike. We feel that this reflects the individualism that is part of being an Idahoan. We also use several other mediums to add texture and versatility to our products. You will find fused glass items with both metal and leather incorporated into the designs.

  • Quality and handcrafted
  • We recycle whenever possible
  • 15-days money back guarantee



Whenever possible we recycle, including a our line of upcycled wine bottles we call Second Pressing. Our other fused glass is made using Bullseye Glass which ensures durability and that the glass pieces are compatible. Sometimes things do not turn out as expected, in these cases I use a hammer or saw to break it up and then reuse the glass in another project.